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A Cerebral Palsy lawyer specializing in birth injury cases

A Cerebral Palsy lawyer specializing in birth injury cases can help families in New York get the financial compensation they need to provide the best care for their children. Getting the correct diagnosis and proper therapy can ensure that a child can lead as fulfilling of a life as possible. Financial assistance can also help parents afford the specialized home and medical care that a child with CP may require throughout his or her lifetime.

If you suspect that your child’s CP was caused by a doctor’s negligence during pregnancy, delivery or after birth, then a legal consultation should be scheduled as soon as possible. A lawyer can review the case, determine whether there is evidence of malpractice and, if necessary, file a lawsuit against the doctor or hospital. He or she will investigate the cause of your child’s injuries, retaining a medical expert to review the evidence and conduct interviews. The lawyer will prepare the necessary legal documents, and gather evidence including medical records, witness testimonies and other documentation.

In some instances, a Cerebral Palsy lawsuit can be settled through negotiations with the defendant(s). A settlement can save time and money for both parties, while still providing you with all the damages that you are entitled to under New York law. In other instances, your attorney will take the matter to trial and fight for a jury award if necessary.

The most common causes of cerebral palsy are complications that arise during the pregnancy, labor and delivery process or within a month of birth. These can be due to congenital conditions, infections that affect fetal development or lack of oxygen during labor and delivery. The condition can also be caused by an accident or trauma that affects the brain.

There are many treatments and therapies that can be effective for a child with CP. They can include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and alternative therapies such as hippotherapy, music therapy and acupuncture. In some cases, surgery may be required to improve the movement of the legs, arms, hands, hips and feet.

The cost of caring for a child with CP can be expensive and out of the reach of most families. Financial assistance is available from many different sources, including government agencies, charity groups and private foundations. A lawsuit can also bring in much-needed compensation to help ease the burden on the family and allow them to focus on their child’s health and well-being. This compensation can pay for a variety of expenses, including medical bills, loss of future earnings potential and pain and suffering. If you believe that your child’s CP was caused as a result of a doctor’s negligence, speak to a New York Cerebral Palsy lawyer at Queller, Fisher, Washor, Fuchs & Kool, LLP for a free case evaluation today.