Sumo suit hire for kids and adults at events and parties

Transform yourselves into comical sumo wrestlers as you put on your safety helmets and your sumo suits and wrestle, trip, or throw your opponent sumo wrestler out of the circle! Hilarious fun for all, including spectators.

Sumo suits are thickly padded to ensure maximum safety and wrestling is carried out on a soft mat. We provide both child and adult suits so that all ages can compete. The sumo suits are wonderful for team building events, corporate events, family fun days, school fetes, wedding entertainment, birthday parties and other events. They are perfect to hire out with the gladiator joust, for a really competitive and challenge filled event!


Suits have blue and red bands, excellent for team competitions. Which sumo will emerge victorious? Test your strength and technique with our sumo suits and go head-to-head, or belly-to-belly!

This activity is a great fundraiser and has been a favourite of our customers for many years.


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