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What is a Phone Number Checker?

Phone numbers are a critical element in effectively communicating with clients and prospects. However, it isn’t uncommon for individuals to change their cell phone service providers or even get rid of their phones completely, making it difficult for businesses to maintain accurate contact databases. This leads to wasted advertising dollars when businesses send messages to inactive phone numbers.

The best way to prevent this from happening is by using a phone number checker. This tool will instantly verify that a phone number is valid and in use before it is added to your database. This will ensure that your business contacts and prospects are able to receive your message and that your sales team can follow up with potential leads and customers.

What is a Phone Number Checker?

A phone number checker is a free tool that allows you to validate the validity of a telephone number. It works by performing a reverse phone search and searching through public records and online databases to identify the person who is associated with the number. This can help you determine if someone is attempting to scam or defraud you, as well as identify their location and any recent associations with other social media accounts, email addresses, and physical addresses.

Using a phone number checker can also save you time and money by eliminating the need to manually search for information about a particular person or company. This is because most of the information that these services provide can be found on Google, but the problem is that Google is not designed to be a reliable phone number lookup service and is not capable of spotting fake or invalid phone numbers. A dedicated phone number validation tool will provide more reliable and complete information about a person or company, including their name, past locations, criminal history, academic background, and employment history.

In addition to performing a reverse phone lookup, most phone number checkers will also offer other features that can help you verify a person’s identity. These can include checking their online presence by identifying which websites they have used in the past and finding their associated username. It will also help you understand their reputation by analyzing whether they have been reported for abuse or have a known history of activity as a temporary and disposable phone number.

Many phone number checkers will offer a free version of their service as well as paid versions that can be integrated into your CRM or marketing automation platform. Some of these paid services will perform additional checks such as a check for DNC opt-in status or TCPA scrubbing. Other options will allow you to perform bulk phone number validation in order to clean your entire database on a regular basis. Some of these services will also provide a downloadable list of all the data that they have retrieved on each individual phone number. For example, IPQualityScore will return information such as the carrier, line type, prepaid status, risk scoring, and overall validation.